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The only guide you’ll need for Christmas party dress fashions

So, the Christmas party season will fast be upon us and that means but one thing – time to start looking for that perfect dress! Is it going to be a classic ‘Little Black Dress’ (LBD), a retro flapper dress or something more outrageous, such as the sparkly OTT dress? It’s up to you, because they’re all in fashion this year. Below, we take a look at three of our favourite fashions for this year’s party season.

Go for that ‘Snowflake in Lace’ look

lace maxi dress goddiva

One of the most popular styles to have emerged this party season is the lace dress. You’ll find one in every decent high street fashion shop, especially in white. It’s the perfect party dress this time of year because it looks so much like a snowflake; although, of course, you can venture off the path and try a different colour.
To make the most of this style, let it to speak for itself. The dress should be the focal point of the outfit, so don’t overwhelm it with showy or even over-the-top accessories – because the dress is complex, the rest of your outfit should be all about simplicity.

Give in to nostalgia with a prom dress

prom dress goddiva

December is frequently a month of reflection and you can achieve this through your choice of clothes because, believe it or not, this season sees the comeback of the prom dress – as, yes, a Christmas party dress. The great thing about prom dresses is they’re slim fitting; contouring the body and flaring at the lower leg. They’re also sophisticated and perfect for showing off (and helping create) an hourglass figure. Choose this style of dress for formal parties like corporate balls or red-carpet events.
As outfits, prom dresses are rather understated but maintain genuine beauty, so you can complement them with accessories. Wear your hair in a styled haircut and add interesting necklaces, bracelets and rings – especially those with deep jewels like amethyst and emerald. Overall, it’s an elegant and sophisticated look – it can be truly breath-taking when worn well.

Stand out with an OTT dress

embellished maxi dress goddiva

Alternatively, if you’re one of those women who loves to get into the party spirit, then a ‘Christmassy’ dress will be your perfect choice. Look for one replete with sparkles, tinsel or some other embellishment. Remember that this dress (like the lace dress) speaks for itself. It should be the focal point of your outfit and, as such, go for understated accessories. You can add more sparkles in the form of a necklace, hairpiece, bracelet or a clutch bag, but make sure they’re small, rather than chunky and ‘out there’.

Finally, if you want to create the most elegant look possible, choose a figure-forming, structured dress. In terms of shoes, your best bet is a pair of slim ones with a pointed toe. Not only will this elongate your legs (even if the shoes don’t sport much of a heel), it will add to the outfit’s beauty.

So, to conclude, this year’s seasonal fashions are all about elegance with a hint of fun. It’s the perfect time of year to dress up and indulge yourself – go for a style then that’ll help you achieve this!



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