Most Popular Prom Dresses Styles And Types

Most Popular Prom Dresses Styles And Types

Buying a prom dress can be quite overwhelming with the great variety of styles, types and terms you see while browsing through shops online. When you add the latest trends to the picture, it can get quite scary.

With the prom season slowly approaching, I decided it is time to give you a head start and make your prom dress shopping experience truly exciting and fun.

So, the very first step you need to make is…

Get familiar with the different types and styles of prom dresses, as this will save you big time.

There are 5 main styles and types of graduation dresses

Ball Gown or A-Line (Princess)

A line sequin and chiffon princess prom dress goddiva

Goddiva Sequin and Chiffon Maxi Dress, Champagne

I decided to put these two types in one, as they are quite similar, although there are certain differences between them. The typical ball gown has a corset style bodice designed with a sweetheart cutting on top to extenuate your upper body and a flowing waist. In such a dress you are sure to be the Cinderalla; the fairest of them all. The A-line prom dress forms a similar shape to a ball gown, but with less chiffon under the skirt. What is more important here, both styles would suit any body type. They can successfully camouflage problematic areas, such as hips and legs. In contrast to classic ball gowns, Princess dresses come in various lengths from mini to maxi so you will be more flexible in your choice.

Mermaid or Fishtail

mermaid fishtail halter neck prom dress goddiva

Goddiva Halter Neck Fishtail Maxi Dress, Red

If you want to show off your curves, opt for mermaid or also known as a fishtail evening gown. It hugs tightly your bust, waist, hips and thighs, giving you hourglass shape right above the knee before it flares out to the floor. This type long prom dress is so feminine and smooth and I must admit my most favorite one. To make things even more exciting, you can choose between bardot, v-neck, sweatheart, halter neck, backless styles for the upper body.


high low prom dress goddiva

Goddiva Square Neckline Asymmetric Midi Dress, Red

These styles gained big popularity recently. Often referred to as asymmetric, the most distinguishing feature is the zig-zag hemline that is much longer on the back and medium to very short on the front. Two in one, I would say – the elegancy of the maxi dress meets the comfort of free body movement of the short dress. If you are a dance diva, then this is your ultimate style.

Empire Waist

empire waist chiffon prom dress goddiva

Goddiva V Neckline Chiffon Maxi dress, Nude

Think of a Greek Goddess complimented with an entrée of feta and olives, flattered by the boiling heat of Athens. That could be you choosing to opt with an Empire dress. The style has a very high waist usually up to the bust line. The skirt is made of chiffon mainly. It is a gorgeous look for those seeking a lighter, softer prom style especially suitable for the summer heat.

The Baby doll

baby doll prom dress goddiva

Goddiva Contrast Lining Full Skirt Dress, Nude

The Baby Doll dress is a flirty short dress, which tightens across the waist, and projects almost like a tutu skirt shape. Figure hugging on the top to embrace your curves, and then loose fitting below the hemline. A Baby Doll dress gives the illusion of longer legs, and supports the appearance of your killer heels. Bring the fun to the party with this style!

Now you are familiar with the most common prom dresses styles and types. Stay tuned, as this is only the first step that I wanted to tell you about. I have so much more to share with you. It will be soon, I promise.

Till then have a look at our gorgeous collection of prom dresses.

Yours truly,

Goddiva girl.

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